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Cassandra Mills-Best
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Cassandra Mills-Best was born July 1st 1965 in a little town north of Indianapolis Indiana called Noblesville. She attended the University of Indianapolis before transferring to Indiana University in 1985. It was at that point she "broke out of her shell and became a rotating cast member at the 21 Club in Indianapolis. In 1986 she was first runner up in the Miss 21 Club pageant. In 1989 she won Entertainer Of the Year for Southern Indiana. After traveling all over doing regular guest appearances and benefits for the Damien Center (Indianapolis), and helping establish what was the Southern Indiana Gay Alliance in 1986, Cassandra decided to retire. It wasn't until February 2001 that Miss Mills came out of retirement for a benefit for the Imperial Sovereign Queen City Court of the Buckeye Empire, hosted by The Breakfast Club Follies. Hanna Downs was so impressed with Miss Mills stage presence that she asked Cassandra to become a regular at the Follies. After a year with the Follies in 2002-2003 Cassandra was crowned Queen of the Breakfast Club. Also that year Cassandra joined the ISQCCBE under the reign of Gypsy Russell. After several shows and one year later Cassandra, Anita Diamond, and Truly Scrumptious created the Golden Lion's showgirls show C.A.T.S. In that year (2003) Cassandra won the coveted title Entertainer of the Year from the ISQCCBE. Also that year during Reign XII Ginger Snap and Sam Clemons bestoed upon her the ONLY Grand Dutchess title in the ISQCCBE for that year. So as being your current EOY for 2003-2004 Miss Mills decided to do her own thing by creating the most talented showgirls cast in Cincinnati with "Partners In Crime".
Some of Cassandra's favorite entertainers include-Donna Summer, Annie Lennox, Tina Turner, Pat Benatar, Lisa Marie Presley, Madonna, and Me'shell NdegeOcello.
In her spare time she loves to read, cook, watch movies, and on Tuesday nights starting in February you can see her spin at the Golden Lions for Retro Dance night.